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The Pre-Med society is a club that allows any member the opportunity to allow his or her passion for medicine to change a child's life. Pre-Med’s main objective is to impact the lives of the children who reside in the Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital. Each year, Pre-Med hosts events, such as the Superhero Party, during which the children may request any Christmas gift of their desire; the Christmas Party, where we see the joy of children as they open their gifts; and the 5K where the community joins as one and races for a good cause. Besides these major 3 events, the Pre-Med club has bi-weekly medical guest speakers that educated the young minds of future medical students, while giving them a taste of the medical world that awaits them. Through combined efforts, the Pre-Med society teaches and welcomes anyone to take the CPR class and encourages its members to be certified as well. To an even greater extent the Pre-Med society has countless volunteers who are more than eager to regularly volunteer in the Salah Foundation Children's Hospital. These volunteers are available to make the children of all ages feel more comfortable and entertained while at their stay in the Salah Foundation Children's Hospital. The Pre-Med Society's sole concern is to impart happiness into the lives of the children in the Salah Foundation Children's Hospital, while shaping, developing and creating the future doctors of the world.

Premed Society
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