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Through the use of about a hundred dedicated members, thousands of dollars in fundraising, and life changing volunteering, the Pre-Med society strives to put a smile on a child’s face. For 16 years Pre-Med has been a club that puts forth awe-inspiring effort and outstanding dedication towards annual activities that raise money for the Salah Foundation Children's Hospital. Each member of the club works together and pitches in to raise a large sum of money; 100% of this money is then used to buy kids of all ages in the Salah Foundation Children's hospital gifts for the holiday season. The Pre-Med club knows no limits.  During this special time of the year, each child gets anything they desire, from puppies, to iPads, to bikes and so much more. Any donation from a generous benefactor helps Pre-Med to exceed its limits each and every year. The money donated to Pre-Med is used to change the life of a Salah Foundation patient one step at a time.

Make A Difference Now!
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